BFITBNEW Upcoming Events

We strongly believe in contributing locally especially to our own communities. Here's what we're doing at some of the libraries and you're welcome to join us at no cost! See you there!


Proven Stress & Pain Management Solutions that Travel to Your Location

A Captivating Speaker / Break-Out Presenter of Natural Pain Management & Wellness Coaching / Stress Management / Taichigong Specialist (Meditation with Movement) and Self-Protection Expertise.
"We weren't ready to leave by the time he finished but somehow my pain had already gone!"

BFITBNEW4LIFE aims to help all of our clients live the healthiest lives they can. To reach this goal, we offer a variety of services but we can also fulfill your special needs. We provide proven, natural and innovative wellness strategies only found in our program to help reduce the impact of injury, stress, trauma, pain and disease while improving your circulation, mobility, longevity, safety and happiness! Look at some of the services we offer, view the inspiring video clips, and get in touch so we can coordinate a workshop for your location.


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