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BNEW4LIFE, formerly BFITBNEW4LIFE, engages clients of all ages, stages and places in blissful, whole-body healing experiences. We address emotional, physical and mental disharmony, pain, anxiety, trauma and help you with healing. We invite you to open your hearts and minds to exciting possibilities as we help you connect with nature's healing. Humbly, if you want more than the usual lecture-based program contact us now. (708) 269-0231

"Nature equips when we're open."

Your Inner Health & Happiness Matter

Attain Peace Through Stillness & Gentle Movement

  • Our mission at BNEW4LIFE is to spread knowledge of our self-healing, behavioral guidance / "Peaceful Place Parenting" and wellness coaching innovations for children and adults in need. We provide small and large group clients {Corporate, non-profit, seniors, youth groups, etc}, with quality, caring, engaging and comprehensive retreats, seminars, conference workshops and personal consultations that help participants reach an overall state of well-being in both body and mind. We invite you to open your heart and mind then get in touch with us.

Natural Stress and Pain Management

Proven Stress & Pain Management Solutions that Travel to Your Location

A Captivating Speaker / Break-Out Presenter of Natural Pain Management & Wellness Coaching / Stress Management / Taichigong Specialist (Meditation with Movement) and Self-Protection Expertise.
"We weren't ready to leave by the time he finished but somehow my pain had already gone!"

BNEW4LIFE aims to help all of our clients live the healthiest lives they can. To reach this goal, we offer a variety of services but we can also fulfill your special needs. We provide proven, natural and innovative wellness strategies only found in our program to help reduce the impact of injury, stress, trauma, pain and disease while improving your circulation, mobility, longevity, safety and happiness! Look at some of the services we offer, view the inspiring video clips, and get in touch so we can coordinate a workshop for your location.

Natural Pain Reduction & Coaching

Our mission is founded on the principles of sincere compassion for others.  That is how BNEW4LIFE began in 2004. In our presentations, we explain, demonstrate and show you how to apply our secrets for pain and stress relief. Our work has humbly resulted in so many now living a more mobile, happier and connected life style no longer held hostage to past trauma, knee, back or nerve pain. Let go and let us share those natural solutions with you.

Taichigong for Stress Management and Healing

Did you know that over 70% of most illnesses result from physical, mental or emotional  stress? Our years of study, refining, observing and sharing have also resulted in more simplistic, energy-relaxation breathing, movement and healing techniques that help participants rid themselves of stress and illness while cultivating improved wellness sometimes instantly. BFBN4L is your proven solution!

Self-Protection 4 LIFE

The Founder of BNEW4LIFE  and coaches are seasoned in martial science  and self-defense. We coordinating small and large group in-person or virtual sel-protection programs. Whether you're a women's, corporate or youth group or just want to feel more confident in today's society you have the right team! Remember, we travel to your location.


More About Us

Brian Thompson's creative foresight and love for healing humanity are the driving forces behind the BNEW4LIFE philosophy. Sadly at an early age Brian lost his beloved mother, grandmother and family to failing health. Hypertension,  diabetes, high-stress, diets  and other factors contributed to their departures. In 2003, Brian was inspired to become part of the solution while working as an activity specialist in a partial hospitalization program on Chicago's south side. He saw a need for self-empowering others to heal themselves through the connecting forces of natural healing and began close study, practice and meditations of complementary medicine. Brian's vision influenced close friends and advisors to join in the effort  to not only heal others but to help them understand their capacity for self-healing. In May of 2005, BNEW4LIFE held the first stress management and self-defense workshop in Dolton, Il. The healing innovation has seen dramatic growth and results since then.

BNEW4LIFE prides itself on impacting lives in the most positive, natural, inspiring and healthy ways. We do so by offering a variety of services to help all of our clients achieve improved health in mind and body. Curious to know more? View this next amazing clip and get in touch with us.


"The first wealth is health" Testimony, Mr. Will Harris.


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Our success is measured by your level of wellbeing. Call right away to get your questions answered and we'll give you the best workshops and programs ever experienced. We're excited to meet you!

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BNEW4LIFE, LLC  "Healing Begins with Relaxation."

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